Archaeological Guides for Time Travellers

ArkeoPlanet is a collaborative project launched during the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage and led by archaeologists and experts in cultural tourism. We have a challenging mission ahead of us: to identify and bring to the public the best archaeological sites, museums and local businesses in Europe.



Do you manage an archaeological site or museum?
Has your business any link with the local heritage?
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Starting in 2020, we’ll be publishing a series of FREE country guides with a carefully curated selection of the best archaeological sites and museums in Europe.
We’ll bring to light the hundreds of hidden gems that exist across the continent, including those local businesses that provide a unique experience to the visitor.
Ours is going to be a constant search for quality and authenticity, in a process that will be participative and transparent.
Join us now in our on-going mapping campaign and help us produce our very first publication, Spain: an archaeological guide for time travellers.

Mapping Campaign – SPAIN 2020

With more than 270 archaeological sites in the country and around 9 million visits recorded in 2015, the archaeological tourism sector in Spain has an incredible potential and a promising future ahead.
These are the 50 archaeological sites and museums that we have pre-selected as part of the process of identifying the best destinations for the first edition of Spain: an archaeological guide for time travellers.



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