Wondering how you can contribute to ArkeoPlanet?

Are you a trained archaeologist?
Any experience working with the public?
Help us promote your local heritage!


Archaeologists are fantastic beasts. We are curious, optimistic and intrepid by nature. We are committed and enthusiastic people, incredibly hard-working and tenacious when facing the (many) challenges of our professional life. We are patient, resourceful, obsessively meticulous and, when it comes to it, amazing team players.

When combined with a passion for talking with other people about the past and explaining why archaeological heritage matters, archaeologists not only have the potential to become invaluable assets for their local communities, they also play a crucial role in narrowing the traditional gap between our discipline and society.

We are creating the first comprehensive map of archaeological sites and museums in Europe, as part of a collaborative and multilingual platform offering useful and reliable information to the cultural tourist. This is an open call to all those fantastic beasts out there: we need your help to make your local heritage more visible and accessible to the general public.

Join a community of fellow archaeologists

We are building an international network of professionals truly committed to the sustainable development of archaeological tourism, and with first-hand experience in working with the public or in the tourist industry.

Put your town or village on the map

You are the local expert, no one knows your region better than you! Help to identify small museums and those archaeological sites that are more interesting and better prepared to receive visitors, both nationals and foreigners.

Help to complete our online catalogue for Europe

Become a registered contributor and create (or translate) open content on archaeological sites and museums across the continent. Tell visitors about the significance of those places and about your own personal connection with them.

Gain visibility as an official tourist guide

While becoming a key agent in the promotion of your region as a cultural tourism destination, you could use your public profile on our platform to let people know about your professional services and commitment to your community.

This is just the beginning, so fasten your seatbelt…

Taking part in a collaborative project based on an international community of volunteers comes with its own challenges, but we are sure this is going to be an absolutely exciting and rewarding experience, full of interesting developments!